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digital-storytellingIn this digital world, it is a necessary to know about Digital Storytelling techniques, using computer-based tools to tell stories. Child Aid Doornkop does a lot to develop the lives of the people, but many of the stories and success stories in the project and community go untold

With the aim of bringing Digital Storytelling to the community of Doornkop in Soweto, Microsoft trained 4 Program Managers, 12 Area Leaders and 4 community members how to use computer programs when telling their stories. The software techniques taught were:

Windows Live Movie maker - An easy and fast way to turn photos and videos into great looking movies and slide show to share on the web or DVD.

Photo Story 3 – A tool to tell a story through music and pictures.

Auto collage – A collage making tool used to create unique works of art. This is great fun for the project to document project activities and advocating through publications.

Kodu – A program made specifically for creating games, it is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. This will be a great tool for the project, which works with children.

The trained staff and community members will use their skills to train school children, teachers, youth clubs and small CBOs in the community of Doornkop. The participants were also introduced to a Microsoft Digital Curriculum that they can adopt for a computer training course.

With these new skills we foresee to hear many more stories from children, youths and adults in Child Aid Doornkop on how their lives are changed for the better through the activities in Child Aid.

[L1]Can we say a little about how the training went, how long time it took and it was fun? Difficult??

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