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Most women are still frightened to talk to their husbands about condom usage as they believe that lobola was paid therefore they belong to them, culture contributes a lot to this type of mind set. HOPE outreach officers play an important role in the community in educating people about the importance of condom usage. One day an Outreach Officer, doing the door to door campaign, met a married women and she told the Officer that the husband is cheating and have children out of their marriage.


Marriage increases the frequency of sex and hinders a woman's ability to negotiate condom use or abstain from sex. Married women are often afraid to ask their husbands to use a condom – or to use one themselves – since this implies that they suspect their husbands of infidelity.



The client was counselled together with her husband and they both did an HIV test and now are in a process of starting their ART and the husband is happy about the decision the wife took before they got sick. Outreach Officer is giving them an ongoing counselling.

Sustainable Success

Outreach officers plays a strategic role in the distribution and use of condoms in this area. In the door to door campaign the Outreach Officers do not only distribute condoms but also demonstrate for those who never used condoms before.

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