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Humana People to People in South Africa and Foundation for Human Rights entered into a partnership partnered in August 2015. The purpose of the partnership is to train people in economic development skills that will enable them to either start own income generation activities or better their chances of getting employment. The goal is to have each of the beneficiaries become a peer trainer of their community counterparts so that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy their socio-economic rights.

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Child Aid Tubatse applies a community development strategy that is premised on family sustainability as a way to promote and ensure socio-economic rights that last long-term. It ensures that local capacities are developed and applied for the benefit of families and their communities. Local people are deemed to be key resources, especially as they are more likely to have long-term commitment to their communities. Training provided in different skills ensures that skills are passed on to others in the community so that they too can use these skills to improve their access to socio-economic rights. The mobilization process ensures that more people feel motivated to take an active role in developing their own community. Project outcomes are therefore locally owned.

The communities are to benefit through acquiring skills that will enable them to either start their own income generation activities or escalate their chances to gain work. 72 Women will be trained in conservation food gardening (with climate change adaptation and mitigation skills integrated into the gardening skills training content – i.e. theory and practice); and 60 youth will be trained in computer skills.

48 people from this group (or other members of the ongoing Child Aid Tubatse Project who are running small enterprises but lack business management skills) will have the opportunity to attend a business management course that will enable them to run income generation activities e.g. sell vegetables, start IT based services e.g. typing job applications for locals. Some of the beneficiaries will develop their income generation ventures to the extent that they can employ additional people (job creation).

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