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In July 2015 Humana People to People in South Africa entered into a Partnership with UNDP. The cordial agreement titled "Supporting Women, Youth and Disabled Subsistence Farmers in the Eastern Cape Province to adapt to and mitigate against Land Degradation and Promote Sustainable Forest Management" supports HPPSA's efforts through the Farmers' Clubs program to implement interventions to control climate change.

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The aim of the project is to support GEF SGP in South Africa's aim to deliver global environmental benefits through the implementation of projects in the focal areas of reforestation, increasing plant/crop variety, and prevention of land degradation (primarily desertification and deforestation). In addition, the project will support the South African government's National Climate Change Response White Paper (2011) which aims to effectively manage inevitable climate change impacts through interventions that build and sustain South Africa's social, economic and environmental resilience and emergency response capacity.

At provincial level, the project will make an important contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation in parallel programmes such as the Eastern Cape Communal Soil Conservation Scheme and the Land care Programme. The Eastern Cape Communal Soil Conservation Scheme promotes the sustainable utilisation of agricultural resources by providing incentives to construct soil conservation works in communal areas; and the Land Care Programme is a community-based approach where members of the community are assisted by the Department of Agriculture to identify, plan and implement practices to ensure sustainable production systems, to address environmental issues and to protect natural resources.

The project will see 400 farmers in Mbashe Local Municipality applying conservation farming, using crop rotation, compost and organic fertilizer, growing a variety of crops in their plots and practising water harvesting methods to use this for field irrigation and watering their gardens. Apart from planting 20 000 trees (50 trees each), the farmers will be able to access food and be food secure throughout the year as well as getting income.

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