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Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is a South African subsidiary of Barclays Bank it is a financial services provider, offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance. Humana People to People in South Africa is supported by ABSA in the fight of youth unemployment by assisting them to be in a better position to provide for themselves financially. The approach will involve working with and consolidating the skills of 1206(402 trios) potential and highly motivated youth whose entrepreneurial and life skills have been hitherto boosted (during the previous agreement) and ensure the formation and proliferation of community projects which will yield a living income for youth and their families.

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The Child Aid concept is built on the understanding that children do not exist in a vacuum and that for their needs to be met, the needs of the community as a whole have to be addressed. The project's main activities include HIV & AIDS care and support, skills training, food gardening and health campaigns.

Child Aid Doornkop project activities are made possible by support received from Consol Glass since November 2012. The project is also funded by the Departments of Health and Social Development, Johnson and Johnson, Expanded Public Works and the Humana People to People Federation.


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Humana People to People in South Africa partnered with Discovery Fund in July 2012. This Partnership which was initially entered in the year 2011 has an overall objective of strengthening the HIV and AIDS outreach activities that target women of child bearing age. All pregnant women are mobilised and encouraged to go for ANC services during the early stages of pregnancy at local health facilities and provided with after service support. The program further refers the women reached to take an HIV test as part of their ANC visits, those who test HIV positive are immediately enrolled in the PMTCT program. The program has strengthened and improved the linkages between the clinics and the pregnant women and encouraged the uptake of PMTCT services. It provided awareness and education to pregnant women and mothers and their spouses about the PMTCT program.

Johnson & Johnson


The Johnson & Johnson-funded Children and Youth Program in Child Aid Doornkop is an educational and recreational initiative aimed at positively influencing the course of lives of children and youth in and around Doornkop (in Soweto, Johannesburg) through Children and youth clubs. This is in view of the fact that most children and youth in the targeted township and informal settlements of Doornkop are still plagued with poverty and other social ills such as teenage pregnancy, child abuse, unemployment etc. The program also aims to mould the young people into future community leaders.



HPP-SA and Pretoria Portland Cement partnered in efforts to empowering communities to improve food security by implementing food gardening in Doornkop in Soweto.

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