Farmers Club Description

Farmers Club is a Humana People to People initiative aimed at bringing sustainable subsistence farming to the poor communities that earn a living from subsistence farming. The aim of the project is to further the agricultural production of the farmers, by so doing it improves the standard of living of each farmer family.
The Farmers Club Program assists farmers to organise themselves into Clubs. Each Farmers Club Project accommodates a total of 200 farmers. Each Club is made up of 25 farmers. The project is led by a committee, under the supervision of a Project Leader who is leading the project and also the skills provider. Farmers participating in the programme are engaged in training where they learn proven farming methods and sustainable agricultural practices. As a group the farmers explore topics such as Farm Management, Crop Production, and Animal Husbandry. They share their resources, knowledge, experiences and work together to secure farming supplements and seeds.
The program has proven to be a great success in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and China where with the concept 90 000 farmers have experienced a 25% production increase on average.

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