TCE Mopani

The program started operating in 2015.

TCE Mopani is situated in Limpopo Province, Mopani District and operating in Greater Tzaneen sub-district and Greater Giyani Sub-District. We also have intentions of expanding to Letaba Sub- District waiting for Mopani District meeting next week. The program is covering the population of 22000 and operating in 19 areas(Tzaneen, Khujwana, Maake, Dan Village, Nkowankowa, Letsitele, Shiluvani, Motupa, Mavele, Mwamitwa, Relela, Morujti, Lenyenye, Msiphane, Giyani Section A, B 14C, Nkomo Village, Ngove Village, Shivulani, Dzumeri - Mageva Village ) and supporting 19 clinics ( Tzaneen Clinic, Khujwana Clinic, Dan Clinic, Nkowankowa CHC, Letsitele Clinic, Shiluvani CHC, Motupa Clinic, DR Hugo Clinic, Mwamitwa Clinic, Relela Clinic, Morujti Clinic, Lenyenye Clinic, Grace Mukodeni CHC, Giyani CHC, Nkomo Clinic, Ngove Clinic, Shivulani Clinic, Dzumeri CHC)The program is made possible by USAID through FPD( Foundation for Professional Development).

TCE Mopani is providing Community Base HIV Counseling and Testing (CBCT), which is a door to door testing, and mobile HIV testing in the work places, Truck stop, Events and campaigns. The focus is on the general population and the key population and the target population is 15 to 49 years males, 14 to 25 years females, truck drivers, sex workers, men having sex with men, and transgender

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