TCE Buffalo City

The program started operating in 2014.
Buffalo city municipality area cover 2510 square kilometres and is represent as a grouping of urban areas within a metropolitan corridor which stretches from the port of east London in the east, the new municipal area was formed in the year 2000 by the integration of the Port city of East London, King William town and bishop, as well as rural areas. Buffalo city is characterized by the existence of a considerable number of  disadvantaged communities .Most of  people are in a  small areas that it is full of squatter camp   Buffalo City Metro  population is 757 267 which is been divided in to 3 sub-sub district namely:
 Mdantsane, Bishop and East London, with 52.7% females and 47.3% males, 26.4% of the population is made up of 0-14 age group, 67.6% is the 15-64 years age band which is the working group and only 6% of the population is attributed to the elderly, 65 years and above. The dependency ratio is 47.9%. Is largely Black (85.2%), with White (8.4%) and Coloured (5.7%) minorities? There is also a small Indian community (0.6%).  TCE Buffalo city is operating in East London Sub district of which the population is 316 433 and the HIV prevalence rate is on 33, 1 %

TCE Buffalo city is operating in 12 areas(Compo A,B and C, Scenary Park, Reeston, Mdantsane Nu1, Newlands, Ducats, Nompumelelo,Orange Groove, Leaches Bay, Santa and supporting 9 clinics (John Dube, Nontyantyambo, Nu1, Chris Hani, Greenfield.Pefferville,Gompo A,Gompo B, Gompo C,Masiphile.
We are having 29 field officer who are doing door to door with 3 Nurses as we are supporting Clinics We have attached those Field officers in those clinics at Gompo A/peffarville 2 field Officers, Gompo B 2 ,Gompo C 4 ,John Dube 3,Nontyantyambo 4,Nu1 5,Masiphile 1, Chris Hani 4 and Green Field 4
The program is made possible by USAID through FPD (Foundation for Professional Development).

TCE Buffalo city is providing Community Base HIV Counseling and Testing (CBCT), which is a door to door testing, and mobile HIV testing in the work places, Truck stops, Events and campaigns. The focus is on the general population and the key population and the target population is 15 to 49 years males, 14 to 25 years females, truck drivers, sex workers, men having sex with men, and transgender. In COP 15 the CBCT program we are using the 90%-90%-90% approach and how do we contribute to the modalities.

Systematic Home base Testing
75% of the population in a District to be reached through HBT. The target age group (15-24) Girls at adolescent stage and Young women, Males (25-49).

Patient Index
This modality is a Clinic based Modality and is to reach 4% of the population. We introduce the modality to the local clinics the target population is targeted age group (15-24) and (25-49).

Work place
10% of the population to be reached in the work places targeting formal and informal work places. Each work place will have a person to be capacitated and will do implementation of the program.

First thing First
10% of the population to be reached and this is through the invite from FPD to do the First thing first.

1% to the general population is to be reached through massive campaigns reaching for Twilight

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